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Working Effectively with a Recruiter

A recruitment agency is another avenue for finding a job. Recruiters work diligently with companies to find the right people to hire. One of the advantages job seekers can benefit by working effectively with a recruiter is access to opportunities that they might not realize are available to them. Job seekers may know what their career goals are but not which companies to work for. An agency may have contacts in those companies for specific jobs and can make a match with the right candidate. In order to get there, job seekers need to work effectively with the recruiter. The following are ways for job seekers get the best out of their recruitment experience.




  1. Ask the right questions – by asking specific questions that relate to your career goals, you can assess whether the recruitment agency will represent you well. This is, after all, a partnership. An example of such questions might include, “Do you work with companies who would need someone with my area of expertise?” or “What types of positions would allow me to start working immediately?”
  2. Clearly communicate your career goals – when a recruiter knows exactly what you’re looking for, the more accurate he/she can make job suggestions.
  3. Be honest and professional – don’t interview to win points with the recruiter. If it’s for a position that you don’t want, be honest and kindly decline the interview.
  4. Trust the hiring process to the recruiter – keep in touch with the recruiter but refrain from being overly anxious. Being familiar with and abiding by the recruiter’s preferences will help build trust and foster a better working relationship.
  5. Ask for guidance – benefit from the expertise of your recruiter by asking them for guidance or tips on resume building but expect to do the work yourself. Ask about transferable skills. Ask about how you can pitch yourself for specific positions.
  6. Stay in touch – try to keep in touch with your recruiter whether or not you landed this job. The keyword in the prior sentence is “this”. There may be another ideal job waiting in the wings for you. Staying in touch keeps you top of mind.

These tips can help you start working effectively with a recruiter. When you create an on-going partnership with your recruiter, he/she can play a supporting role through the steps to your final career destination.

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