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Three Advantages of Temp-to-Perm Hiring

Because so many organizations give little consideration, time and effort to finding temporary staff, they can be reluctant to consider it as a springboard for a well-considered permanent hire program. Temp-to-Perm thinking can offer three distinct advantages.

Extended Opportunity to Evaluate Skills

Before committing to a full-time hire, you can evaluate the skills of your candidate – on the job. By seeing how people respond to real-life situations and workload, you can reduce the risk of a bad hire. You can gauge adaptability, precision and attention to detail – all difficult from a resume or interview. You’ll be able to evaluate performance, not just skills. The ability to effectively communicate – both verbally and written – will also quickly be apparent.

Evaluate Fit with Your Culture

Team interactions, will tell you quickly if the candidate fits into company culture, and the work-flow style of colleagues. Attitude and demeanour in the workplace can differ radically from that of a job interview. A temporary assignment affords you the opportunity to determine fit – which can be every bit as important as skills. You’ll also get time to gather feedback from co-workers and managers, to be able to consider the impact on your team.


Let Temp Workers Evaluate Their Opportunity

You think you’ve created a great workplace atmosphere, but it really takes experiencing it to become a believer. A temporary assignment gives the worker a chance to evaluate you, the company culture, and a fit within the team dynamic. It builds enthusiasm and desire for a permanent placement, and weeds out those who aren’t genuinely interested.

A Temp-to-Perm hire will save you money in the long run, by reducing the risk of a bad hire and additional recruiting/training costs. You’ll have time to evaluate performance, skills, organizational and interpersonal fit – even the ability to adhere to company policy. You can build enthusiasm to be part of your team. An enthusiastic team works better together.


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