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Referrals are best source of high-quality candidates (and customers)

Employee referralWe’ve always known that happy customers can bring us dynamite referrals. Referral marketing has become one of the top means of generating client prospects, in an age where trust in online testimonials is low. Hearing from a colleague you already trust is the kind of testimonial which eliminates the “fudge factor”. Up to 25% of mid-sized businesses report referral marketing and networking as their prime business development tool.

And… it works for attracting top talent too. In a 2018 study from Bullhorn, 30% of all employers report that “referrals are the absolute best source of high-quality talent, and 62 percent place them in their top three”. In a time where talent shortage is ranked as # 1 challenge for Human Resources professionals, this is a solution begging for the attention it deserves. 64% of all staffing professionals say that talent shortage is their top priority.

The industry leaders have recognized that the candidate experience is at the heart of generating referrals. Regardless of whether or not they are hired, candidates are quick to report whether or not they are treated with respect, responsiveness, and kept well-informed throughout the application process. They are eager to review the reviewers, so-to-speak, but will do so fairly. And of course, if they get a position they have applied for….

Employee referrals are actually taking a back seat to candidate referrals these days, but are not to be overlooked. A satisfactory work experience is key to retention, and as we discussed in an earlier blog, the incoming generation is looking for a career, not just a job. Having young employees give video testimonials can augment the referrals generated by a thoughtful and respectful candidate experience.

And at risk of blowing our own horn, Marberg Staffing has the top rated candidate experience on both Glassdoor and Indeed. So let us be your front line.

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