Resumés and applications

If you are looking to drop off a resumé to Marberg Staffing, you should know that we only accept them electronically. That way we can archive them, and pass them along to employers as necessary. You can either submit your application to, or fill out the form for the job you are interested in. Don’t hesitate to send us a resumé even if you don’t see the job you are looking for here. We add dozens of new job postings in the GTA every week, and will check our database for qualified candidate first prior to posting.

We only recruit and place for jobs in the Greater Toronto Area. All jobs are posted both here on our website, where we have a searchable job board; and on We do not post elsewhere, and only accept applications from these two locations.

Resumé formats can be MS Word, Rich Text Format, or PDF (text based). Please note that our advanced Applicant Tracking System searches resumés for keywords, to help us find you the most suitable position. If your resumé contains tables or images, this information will not come through. One of the most common issues is saving a .PDF as an image. Please ensure you save as text based. You can easily test for this by seeing if you can highlight specific words in your document.

All applications will receive a confirmation email. If you haven’t seen one, give us a call at 416-363-6442 to check on receipt.

Job IDJob TitleDate PostedSalaryLocationStatusOptions   Category
813HR Advisor – Generalist
Government, Human Resources
03/06/2020CompetitiveNew View | ApplyGovernment, Human Resources
814Senior Procurement Consultant
Government, Procurement
04/06/2020CompetitiveNew View | ApplyGovernment, Procurement
812Junior Property Assistant
01/06/2020CompetitiveNew View | ApplyAdministrative
805Procurement Specialist
Government, Procurement
02/06/2020CompetitiveNew View | ApplyGovernment, Procurement
799Library Technician
Clerical, Government
05/15/2020CompetitiveNew View | ApplyClerical, Government
797IT Programmer
Government, Systems and IT
08/05/2020CompetitiveNew View | ApplyGovernment, Systems and IT
798Jury Selection Clerk
Clerical, Government
08/05/2020CompetitiveNew View | ApplyClerical, Government
794Accounts Payable Associate
Accounting and Payroll, Government
08/05/2020CompetitiveNew View | ApplyAccounting and Payroll, Government
796Senior Procurement Specialist
Government, Procurement
08/05/2020CompetitiveNew View | ApplyGovernment, Procurement
795Logistics Clerk – Government Agency
Clerical, Government
05/05/2020CompetitiveNew View | ApplyClerical, Government
792Web Developer
Government, Systems and IT
05/01/2020CompetitiveNew View | ApplyGovernment, Systems and IT
793Data Entry Clerk
Clerical, Government
05/01/2020CompetitiveNew View | ApplyClerical, Government
790Payroll and Benefit Administrator
Accounting and Payroll, Not for Profit
04/24/2020CompetitiveNew View | ApplyAccounting and Payroll, Not for Profit
786Administrative Assistant – Construction
04/20/2020CompetitiveNew View | ApplyAdministrative
777Information Systems Analyst
Government, Systems and IT
03/28/2020CompetitiveNew View | ApplyGovernment, Systems and IT
764Administrative Assistant
Administrative, Government
03/20/2020CompetitiveNew View | ApplyAdministrative, Government
767Client Service Agent
Communications and Marketing
03/20/2020CompetitiveNew View | ApplyCommunications and Marketing
756Law Clerk and Property Administrator
Administrative, Legal
03/20/2020CompetitiveNew View | ApplyAdministrative, Legal
735Business Operations Manager – Property Management
Business Operations
04/03/2020CompetitiveNew View | ApplyBusiness Operations
734Property Accountant
Accounting and Payroll
04/03/2020CompetitiveNew View | ApplyAccounting and Payroll
Accounting and Payroll, Government
02/03/2020CompetitiveNew View | ApplyAccounting and Payroll, Government