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What kind of skills tests will I be expected to take?
Depending on the job you are applying for, you may be requested to take skills assessments in any of the following areas:

• Accounting and Financial knowledge
• Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop)
• Data Entry (Alpha and Numeric)
• Legal Terminology
• MS Office Proficiency (e.g. Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project, Visio, Word)
• Accounting and Financial Software Proficiency (e.g. ACCPAC, ADP, Great Plains, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Quickbooks, SAP, Simply Accounting,)
• Language Proficiency, both written and verbal (French, English)
• Typing Speed & Accuracy
• Other technical skill evaluations as required by the position

Contacting Marberg
Please contact Marberg via email to , or phone call to our main line at 416-363-6442.  All Hiring or Employment inquiries are tracked and responded to appropriately.  Please note that we only accept applications from candidates legally able to work in Canada, and that our phone system does not accept Anonymous or Called ID Blocked Calls.

Is this text from Marberg?
We ONLY contact applicants by phone and/or email as the initial contact, NOT by text or social media. If you receive a text asking you to update information or apply for a position, it is not Marberg Staffing.

How do I submit my résumé?
If you are looking to drop off a résumé, you should know that we only accept them electronically. That way we can archive them, and pass them along to employers as necessary. You can either submit your application to a specific job, or fill out this form. Please do not send résumés to an email address, as they will not be processed.

We only recruit and place for jobs in the Greater Toronto Area. All jobs are posted both here on our website, where we have a searchable job board; on and LinkedIn. We do not post elsewhere, and only accept applications from these locations.

How long do you keep my résumé on file?
We retain qualified résumés for 2 years after receipt, however we always recommend keeping your résumé up-to-date with us.

Do you offer résumé and letter writing services?
No. Marberg does not provide résumé or letter writing services.

What formats do you accept for résumé upload?
We prefer résumés to be in a Microsoft Word format but we also accept PDFs.

How does the job application process work?
You will be required to submit your résumé. Your résumé will be reviewed by our HR team to determine whether you are a close match for the current needs of our clients. If you are, one of our staffing professionals will be in touch with you by phone to schedule an interview.

Can I drop by the office to speak with someone about the jobs I am interested in?
No. We only see people scheduled for interviews. If you fit well with a current position available, a recruiter will contact you to schedule an interview.

Can I call for an update on my submission?
No, if you fit well with a current position available, a recruiter will contact you.

Are there fees for registering with Marberg Staffing?
There are no fees to register with us.

What are the advantages of a temporary placement?
Temporary work is an excellent way for you to evaluate a company or type of work while earning money. It keeps your skills fresh and keeps you within the workforce while you are looking for full-time employment. Additionally, a temporary job can often result in an offer for a full time position.

What Services do you offer?
We supply management and support staff for permanent, interim and temporary positions.

Expectation of Professional Conduct:
We work in an environment of respect, and consider courteous, professional conduct to be a mandatory condition of representation.  We consider the manner in which people interact with our staff to be indicative of how they will interact with their employers and colleagues.  Bullying, harassing or abusive behaviour is not tolerated.  Anyone who conducts themselves in this manner will have their file closed and their information deleted permanently from our records.