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Welcome to Career Resources from Marberg Staffing


Here you will find an up-to-date collection of tips and insights designed to assist you with your job search efforts and long term career goals.


Goal Planning

Goal planning is essential to your professional development and job search. By working towards a goal, you not only get closer to your desired outcome, but you’ll reap job satisfaction and boost your confidence. In this section, you'll learn...
  • how to set goals effectively
  • how a recruiter can help you along your path to success


The interview is your chance to shine in a way that your resume cannot. So, make it count! In this section, we've taken the guesswork out of how to properly prepare for the interview process. Compiled are the most pertinent best practices and insights to help you put your best foot forward. These tips include...
  • how to research and prepare for a new position
  • proper professional attire, conduct and demeanor tips to follow
  • how soft skills - like body language - can help you communicate positive messages
  • how to handle tricky interview questions - when to respond quickly or when to take your time

Résumé Writing

Your résumé is your branding and plays a crucial role in your job search. It describes your work experience, education and what makes you unique. In this section, we make the task of writing a great résumé less daunting. You'll learn how to write a résumé that's relevant for today, in addition to...
  • how to craft a résumé that reads well and hits the points that employers are seeking
  • how to emphasize achievements and goals, not just experience
  • how to make your résumé stand out with recruiters and on LinkedIn
  • how the right references and testimonials can emphasize your key skills and experience