Interested in joining the Marberg Talent Network, but don’t see any particular position to apply for right now? Send us your resumé to keep on file, and write in a general type of position you’d like in the first field. You can either submit your application to, or fill out the form below. Please do not send resumés to any other email address, as they may not be processed.

Resumé formats can be MS Word, Rich Text Format, or PDF (text based). Please note that our advanced Applicant Tracking System searches resumés for keywords, to help us find you the most suitable position. If your resumé contains tables or images, this information will not come through. One of the most common issues is saving a .PDF as an image. Please ensure you save as text based. You can easily test for this by seeing if you can highlight specific words in your document.

All applications will receive a confirmation email. If you haven’t seen one, give us a call at 416-363-6442 to check on receipt.