Marberg Staffing focuses on providing office staffing in the GTA. We believe specialization is the key to success, not being everything to everyone. But when we say “office”, we mean from management level, through skilled professionals to administrators – every position you might find in an office.


In the Greater Toronto Area, Marberg is THE GO-TO employment agency for office staffing and recruiting. We are faster, more accurate, and have a database of 150,000 pre-screened office employees looking for the right employer. You can call us with an open position today, review candidates in a day or two, interview by the end of the week, and have the right person in place by next Monday. Sometimes we’re faster.


Whether you are looking for permanent or temporary office staffing, we deal with the entire recruiting process. Marberg uses a variety of methods to “fill the pipeline” including our internal database, popular job boards, and social media. We pre-interview selected candidates, short-listing the best for you to make a decision. We validate references, work history, and security checks.


Junior Communications Assistant, Part-Time

Communications and Marketing, Not for Profit

Recruitment Coordinator

Government, Human Resources

Library Technician

Clerical, Government

Administrative Assistant

Administrative, Government

Communications Lead – part-time

Communications and Marketing, Government

Executive Administrator

Administrative, Government


Administrative, Legal

Senior Procurement Advisor

Government, Procurement

IT Talent Acquisition Specialist

Government, Human Resources


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