Records Management Specialist-Government <AA20>

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Public Service/Government
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Records Management Specialist required for Provincial Government office. This role will be responsible in the design and develop filing systems, business classification schemes and undertake records surveys. Will provide advice on the most appropriate records management resources; advice on new records management policies, developing a framework to guide staff in the management of their records and use of the records system. Will oversee the implementation of new document management system. Will be providing support the changeover to newly developed electronic records management system. Responsible for organising and archiving important records. Will ensure compliance with relevant legislation and regulations.  Must have strong familiarity with Public Records Standards. Must have a well-developed administration skills to operate, develop new and/or existing records management policies and programs. Strong organization skills and excellent verbal and written communication skill. Candidate with previous OPS experience is preferred.  Those interested in this position please email

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Friday, February 2, 2018