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Policy Analyst required for a Provincial Government Agency. Responsibilities include conducting research and collection and interpretation of information and data to support a variety of policy projects. Identifies and analyzes issues ( e.g. stakeholder correspondence/ reports, ministry initiatives plans/reports, regulatory/policy proposals from other jurisdictions), and prepared reports of findings to support policy options and design. Monitoring of public policies, trends and emerging issues. Engagement of members, experts and external stakeholders in the identification of priority issues and scoping of projects. Build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders. Ideal candidate must possess a Post-secondary degree. Must possess minimum of 1 year experience with Policy development. Must be a strong communicator, verbally and written. Must possess advanced Microsoft Excel skills. Must possess strong analytical skills to identify/highlight appropriate policy issues. Must possess strong organizational skills to coordinate stakeholder meetings and consultation processes. Those interested in this position please email jobs@marberg.com.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017