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Seeking an Executive Assistant/Scheduler for a Provincial Government office. This role will liaise with ministry senior management, and division staff in the co-ordination of responses and resolution of issues and administrative problems to facilitate the effective operation of the division. Will communicate regularly with all of the operating areas of the ministry; informs the Assistant Deputy Minister of those matters which require their attention, providing suggestions of action to resolve problems and expedite projects; relays senior managements views, directives and policy developments to appropriate division staff both orally and in writing. Will liaise with branch Directors on the preparation of the division's estimates, budget, goals and objectives, and HR and information strategic plans and performance measures, business plans. Will attend meetings with senior staff of the division and with individuals or committees of other divisions or ministries; takes follow-up action on issues as required by senior management. Will review correspondence addressed to the senior management requiring a researched response, drafts replies or refers to appropriate area of the division for necessary action. Will provide necessary support information to the executive’s offices concerning issues, meetings, briefing notes and other information as required as pertains to the division; liaises with senior staff of the ministry and outside stakeholders as required. Co-ordinates the day to day administration and operations of the office of the executives ensuring that the office is functioning efficiently and effectively. Successful candidate must have thorough knowledge of the policies, procedures and legislation related to ministry and or division policies and programs. Must have strong MS Office proficiency such as Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. Must have the ability to evaluate, develop, interpret and resolve policy and administrative problems both within the division and the ministry. Must have excellent administrative and communicative skills. Easy access to the subway line. Those interested in this position please email jobs@marberg.com

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018