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Seeking for a Bilingual Application Screening Representative for a provincial government office. This position will provide direction, guidance and assistance to clients in the completion of applications and addresses any deficiencies based on related policies, procedures, legislation, regulations, and statutes.  Identifies obvious legal risks with accompanying recommendations and evaluates the appropriateness of the management plan and clients requirements.  Reviews and approves amendments to previously approved management plans.  Addresses and/or makes recommendations with respect to issues related to applications and/or their suitability in accordance with legislation, statutes and regulations. Ensures compliance with statutory limitation periods, and compliance. Undertakes related administrative responsibilities such as: updating and maintaining computerized systems (e.g. PTAMS, FMS, and Phone Lists etc.) Assists in client Outreach initiatives by providing information and expertise on requirements and process to file an Application to Replace and complete a management plan.  Conduct a financial analysis, accounting, and provide Information Services in accordance with the legislative requirements and to ensure compliance with related legislation and regulations.  Assist on an as-needed basis in compiling documentation. Candidate must have French language skills at the advanced level in both verbal and written.  Knowledge of legal principles sufficient to identify legal Issues through analysis of facts based on knowledge of the law.  Knowledge of various research facilities and procedures. Must have the ability to interpret and apply legislation. Strong analytical and financial skills to assess the appropriateness of the application to replace and the management plan. Knowledge of data base applications to enter track and update computerized systems and to prepare reports/briefings.  Advance proficiency in MS Office such as Word, Excel, and Outlook. Strong interpersonal skills in order to communicate with applicants both by phone and through written correspondence. Strong organizational and case management skills to manage and prioritize tasks on large caseload. Those interested in this position please email

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Monday, February 12, 2018