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Licenced Paralegal required for a provincial government employer. Licensed paralegal required for intensive documents review project. Responsibilities are to identify legal issues based on knowledge of legal principles; Analyzes facts based on knowledge of the law (e.g. statute or case law); Provides direction and guidance to Client’s In the completion of legal documents and addresses any deficiencies based on related policies, procedures, legislation, regulations, statutes. etc.; Reviews accounts of attorneys, and prepares court documents;  Ensures compliance with statutory limitation periods, and limitations imposed by the Rules of Procedure, and deadlines/time frames on closing transactions; Carries out legal/general research by: researching law texts and case books for cases (recent cases/new legislation); Researches files, law libraries for references, citations and statutes to be inserted in legal documents ensuring that priority assignments are met; Conducts legal searches of corporate records, land registry and land title records, bankruptcy and personal property security records, executions and other investigative resources; assesses contents and determines relevant Information In support of lawyers arguments; prepares briefings and detailed analysis of relevant information and takes appropriate action/makes recommendations on the selection(s). Ideal Candidate must possess a Paralegal License from the Law Society of Upper Canada; Knowledge of case law, and various legislation relating to real estate, legal office methods, procedures and related policies, court administration practices and procedures, in order to: carry out paralegal, financial analysis, accounting, and Information services in accordance with the legislative requirements and to ensure compliance with related legislation and regulations; Knowledge of legal principles sufficient to identify legal Issues through analysis of facts based on knowledge of the law (e.g. statute or case law); Knowledge of various research facilities and procedures (e.g. Companies Branch for corporate searches, Personal Property Securities Act, bankruptcy, execution searches, land registry searches, etc.); Knowledge of various legislation and legal procedures. legal documents, search vehicles, legal formats, style, terminology and phraseology to: prepare legal documents (e.g. pleadings, factums, notices of motion, compendia, consents and orders for use at motions, trials, and appeals, etc.). Position requires a comprehension of the principle, the principle's component parts, and a capacity to search for cases, which have a bearing on the interpretation of each component part/parts In order to select the cases to meet lawyers' needs; Knowledge of word processing equipment and related software such as WordPerfect, Word, and Windows to: manipulate text to produce complex letters, memoranda and legal documents according to established procedures. Knowledge of data base applications to enter, track and update computerized systems and to prepare reports/briefings; Knowledge of specialized software to prepare specific legal documents. Knowledge of Quicklaw software to conduct searches. Those Interested in this position please email and put “Licenced Paralegal-Government” in the subject line. 

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Thursday, July 27, 2017